What is Prometo?

PROMETO is a turnkey solution that lets you track and monitor your crucibles in real time, for greater control of molten aluminum during transport.

  • Track your trucks

    See the status and exact location of each transport vehicle, even in remote terrain.

  • Monitor your crucibles

    Get real time readings of crucible contents.

  • Optimize your operations

    Make better use of your facilities and transport equipment.

  • Save time

    Cut down on transport related dead times and wait times.

  • Reduce back and forth

    Drivers, dispatchers, and coordinators get the information they need, without having to call and ask for it.

  • Accurate and easy to read

    Well designed maps with simple icons give you a clear view of the situation on the ground.

  • Turnkey solution

    Includes all the necessary hardware and software, plus installation and support.

  • Custom packages

    Technology and systems tailored to your operations.

  • Secure

    Sensitive information stays on your internal servers.

PROMETO uses outstanding configurable web mapping technology. and Maestria’s own measurement tools to track and monitor molten aluminum crucibles as they’re moving between facilities. Even in remote terrain, you’ll know where your trucks are and when they can be expected to arrive. You’ll save on metal heating costs, reduce dead time and wait times at processing facilities, simplify communication between drivers, coordinators, and dispatchers, and have the data to review and prevent problematic situations.

TMoving molten aluminum is a complex operation that involves costly materials and equipment and numerous variables. Get the system that simplifies the process and improves performance by keeping everyone informed and on the same page.