What is mVa | Profito?

mVa | ProFito is a unique non intrusive solution that monitors anode/cell behavior, giving you the data you need to improve current efficiency and energy consumption and lower your emissions.

  • Greater efficiency

    Proven to increase current efficiency—in many cases by 1% or more.

  • Greater stability

    Particularly useful for maintaining potline stability in an amperage creep.

  • Better performance

    Helps improve operational robustness at a lower ACD to reduce energy consumption and/or increase amperage.

  • Faster measurements

    Significantly reduces the time it takes to measure anode current distribution along your potline. Plus, the data is automatically transferred to process control via Bluetooth.

  • Fully compatible

    A proven solution that works with your existing potline—no modifications required.

  • Advanced monitoring

    High performance tool for detecting abnormalities in aluminum reduction cells. Rapidly detects any drift in the accuracy of anode settings and helps pinpoint the cause. Measures MHD and bubble noise.

  • High powered analytics

    Includes advanced analytic software for early detection and correction.

  • Designed for the aluminum industry

    Ultra-light and portable, so measurements can be handled by a single operator.

  • Turnkey solution

    Includes all the necessary hardware and software, plus installation and support.

  • Custom packages

    Technology and systems tailored to your operations.

The mVa (millivolt anode) fork system is a portable potline anode measurement solution. The system is designed to detect problematic anodes and cells, watch for potline drift, and identify probable causes, and can be customized to various types of potlines. Equipped with advanced features such as a built in scope and built in voltmeter, the mVa | ProFito is a single operator device that can complete a full anode scan for one pot in less than a minute. Measurements can be downloaded to a process control via Bluetooth or USB.

The mVa fork system applies a big data strategy to potline anode measurement, providing quick overviews of anomalies that reduce the workloads for technical teams. The measurements can then be used to improve current efficiency (CE) or reduce energy consumption. The available smelter data shows that some smelters increase their current efficiency by up to 1%, generating millions of dollars in recurrent savings each year. A CE increase of 0.1% is all it takes for the system to pay for itself.

Industry acknowledgments

Mentioned by TMS and NTNU in the Aluminum Electrolysis Course literature. This activity of specialized training has become a reference around the world and famous in the aluminum industry.

The solution GUS-Anode-Millivolt was a successfully described at the 27th "International Course on Process Metallurgy of Aluminium" in Norway (2008), as the best system currently available as portable data acquisition for the measurement of anode falls and stated:

"We use this tool to detect problems, such as: spikes, deformation, etc. The return on investment is fast!"

our distinguished clientele

  • Alouette
  • Century
  • Hindalco
  • Ma'aden
  • Norsk Hydro
  • RioTinto
  • Sohar