Calculate the volume of a charge that is loaded onto trucks.

What is Volumetrix?

Volumetrix is designed to calculate the volume of a charge that is loaded onto trucks. This system computes information in real-time and this, without any contact. This t is the simple solution to managing information with regards to the loaded trucks that enter and exit the operational sites.


  • This solution composed of cameras, lazars and radars calculates, without any contact, the exact volume of a loaded vehicle that is in movement
  • The volume is calculated and the mobile printer then produces a slip with the data allowing the driver to continue his route having in hand the exact information with regards to his load.
  • This system produces the 3D digitalized scan of the truck with and without a load. The volume can therefore be quickly computed in real time without having to stop the trucks.
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User friendly

The user friendly software makes it easy for employees to insert information into detailed reports concerning operations (trucks, company, driver, volume of charge) that enter and exit the site. An RFID system can also be used to simplify tracking the different levels of operations.

No manual calculations

This system eliminates the need for manual calculations thus reducing the chance of human errors. Volumetrix produces exact calculations with as little as 2% margin of error. The software can easily integrate itself with the existing IT infrastructure and communicates with management systems that are already in use.

Centralized data

The data is transmitted to the central system where the administrator can keep a close control having access to the information of transactional operations at any given time.


Detailed reports

The software produces statistics and detailed reports of the truck sequences, cycles of extraction, profits and fluctuations in variation.


The infrastructure of Volumetrix is portable and can be easily installed in an array of environments. The mobile installations are stable and designed to easily accommodate the particular needs of each client

No weight in stations

Volumetrix eliminates the need to install costly permanent weigh in stations. This mobile solution is easy to operate & install, needs little maintenance, produces a return on investment and adapts to the changing needs of your enterprise.

Computerized process

Computerized process reduces paper load and eliminates errors, conflicts or incomplete and inaccurate data. The speed in which Volumetrix calculates the volume of a load optimizes the operational cycles and increases efficiency.