The World’s #1 Anode Current
Distribution Measurement Tool

What is mVa?

The mVa Millivolt Anode fork is a solution that is used in Aluminum smelters to measure the anode current distribution in a fast, safe and effective manner. The reputation of this tool is well established and is already the norm in many aluminum smelters around the world. The design of the fork is Ultra-light reducing workload and manpower.

Our new version offers standalone operations with a built-in display and Bluetooth connection allowing greater flexibility. A route can be pre-programmed to guide the operator to the proper pot and anode sequence. It takes less than one minute to do all the measurements for each pot. Data can be pushed to process control to fine tune pot operation thus maximizing the electrolysis process.


  • Autonomous
  • Has integrated electronics allowing the extraction and storage of the millivolt measures
  • Integrated screen display
  • A joystick allows to navigate and select menu settings
  • Integrated battery & memory
  • PDA Software with data transfer
  • Communicates with external computer via Bluetooth feature
  • Programmable PC allowing to pre configure route planning
  • Data can be transferred to process control
More info

Mentioned by TMS and NTNU in the Aluminum Electrolysis Course literature. This activity of specialized training has become a reference around the world and famous in the aluminum industry.

The solution GUS-Anode-Millivolt was a successfully described at the 27th “International Course on Process Metallurgy of Aluminium” in Norway (2008), as the best system currently available as portable data acquisition for the measurement of anode falls and stated,

We use this tool to detect problems, such as: spikes, deformation, etc. The return on investment is fast !

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Only one person

Only one person does all the measurements with the fork. This is a great advantage over the traditional way

Greater reaction

Better possibilities to react when there are many anode problems


The instrument adds precision to the measurements

Helps correct settings

Helps correct the anode settings due to the metal curvature

Data Extraction

System can interact with the mobile PDA windows allowing the extraction of data

Save a lot of time

Saves a lot of time due to automatic transfer of the data to the PC

Quickly detects

Allows earlier corrections for inaccurate anode settings


High precision

Measures Millivolt with high precision


Portable measurements for multiple anodes for various pot configurations

User defined

User defines pot room number, pot number and anode number


Interactive with the control system


Less than one minute by typical pot-cell. A route can be pre-programmed to guide the operator to the proper pot and anode sequence.


Fully customizable for various anode numbering patterns

Current distribution

Current distribution via anode drop method

Current distribution

Pot setting interacts with system

Ultra-light fork

Ultra-light fork design reduces workload and manpower


Measurements done in sequence with a good reading indicator

Cathode current

Cathode current distribution (mvolt on the collector bar)


New version offer standalone operation with a built-in display and Bluetooth connection.